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Viking Cruises

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Viking reinvents destination cruising

Scandinavia & Northern Europe, The Americas & Caribbean, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, The Mediterranean & Incomparable Grand Voyages

Viking is passionate about travel and, as an independently owned company, Viking is able to do things differently. Viking's independence gives it the freedom to create journeys that give you more time to explore, and immerse yourself in each destination. It also enables Viking to build the kind of ships that are exactly what you have told Viking you want – elegant, warm and inviting, with an emphasis on comfort and service.

Every little detail is thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted. And because Viking wants you to feel completely at home, you will not have to pay extra for those everyday comforts and necessities, like breakfast in bed, tea and coffee whenever you fancy, Wi-Fi, and your own spacious, private veranda on which to relax.

Viking's ships boast more than their share of wow factors, including the first glass-walled Infinity Pool at sea, so that you feel like you are swimming in your destination; the spectacular, three-tiered atrium, and the Wintergarden, with its exquisitely sculpted canopy of blonde wood.

Attention to detail and consideration for your comfort also comes in the form of what Viking calls a 'silent ship'. Where most other cruise ships broadcast numerous announcements in a variety of languages throughout the day, Viking usually just has one at midday. It's just another little thing that makes a big difference to your enjoyment.

Viking has a team of more than 4,000 people worldwide, and train all its staff to the highest standards. So no matter where you sail with Viking you can expect the service to be special every time.

Wherever you want to explore, across Scandinavia and the Mediterranean, Asia, North America and the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, or on Viking's epic World Cruise, Viking offers an exciting selection of ocean cruises. Whichever one you choose, you can look forward to a voyage of discovery that leaps from your imagination to become a journey that is real and memorable.

Viking Star in Dubrovnik

Offering outstanding value

When you travel with Viking, everything you need to relax and enjoy yourself is included in the price. Viking calls it Viking Value. You'll call it brilliant

It's all included

Exceptional Accommodation aboard the newest, most deluxe river cruise fleet. Enjoy your choice of staterooms, including Explorer Suites, Veranda Suites and staterooms with Verandas and French Balconies.

Attentive Service from Viking's award-winning, English-speaking staff, plus the personalised assistance of your on-board Viking Concierge – so you're well taken care of.

Enlightening Daily Shore Excursions in Every Port, led by friendly, knowledgeable local guides, these tours are designed to give you a deeper understanding of the places you visit.

Engaging Cultural Enrichment with informative talks, performances, hands-on cooking and craft demonstrations, and much more.

All On-Board Meals created by our Swiss-trained chefs and served in a variety of settings, including the most al fresco dining available on the rivers.

Complimentary Wine, Beer and Soft Drinks with on-board dinner and lunch service, bottled water and complimentary cappuccino, coffee and tea at our 24-hour beverage bar.

Deluxe hotels for overnight stays.

Tipping and Gratuities for shipboard crew, local guides (river cruises) and drivers (river cruises) are included in your Europe cruise program, so budgeting couldn't be easier.

Complimentary Internet Service throughout Viking's ships.

In-Room Entertainment system featuring movies-on-demand, BBC, CNN, national Geographic and more.

Quietvox Audio Headsets are included and personal for every Guest on board so that, on your on-shore excursions, no matter where you're standing, you won't miss a word.

Complimentary Travel Companion Booklets are sent to your home before you leave to help prepare you for your upcoming trip. Packed with information, maps and local stories to enhance your enjoyment even more.

Locked-in Price when you pay your deposit, with Viking's Price Guarantee, making you safe from price increases due to fluctuations in currencies, taxes, fees or fuel prices.

Competitive Airfares, only available when you book a cruise with Viking.

Travel Credits on future cruises.

Referral Rewards Program.

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Viking Homelands
15 Days: Stockholm – Bergen or vice versa

Into the Midnight Sun
15 Days: Bergen – London or vice versa

Iceland's Majestic Landscapes
13 Days: Bergen – Reykjavík or vice versa

In Search of the Northern Lights
13 Days: London – Bergen or vice versa

NEW Along Europe's Western Coast
15 Days: Barcelona – Copenhagen

Trade Routes of the Middle Ages
15 Days: Bergen – Barcelona or vice versa

British Isles Explorer
15 Days: Bergen – London or vice versa

NEW Majestic Fjords & Vibrant Russia
22 Days: Stockholm – Bergen or vice versa

Viking Shores & Fjords
8 Days: Amsterdam – Bergen or vice versa

Russia & the Baltic Sea
11 Days: Stockholm – Copenhagen or vice versa

Scandinavia & the Kiel Canal
11 Days: Copenhagen – Amsterdam or vice versa

Majestic Fjords & Vibrant Cities
12 Days: Bergen – Copenhagen or vice versa

Baltic Jewels & the Midnight Sun
29 Days: Stockholm – London or vice versa


Mediterranean Odyssey
13 Days: Barcelona – Venice or vice versa

Empires of the Mediterranean
10 Days: Venice – Athens or vice versa

NEW Mediterranean & Italian Sojourn
15 Days: Barcelona – Venice or vice versa

Cities of Antiquity & the Holy Land
15 Days: Rome – Athens or vice versa

Mediterranean & Adriatic Sojourn
22 Days: Athens – Barcelona or vice versa

Venice, the Adriatic & Greece
8 Days: Venice – Athens or vice versa

NEW Mediterranean Antiquities
15 Days: Barcelona – Athens or vice versa

NEW Italy, the Adriatic & Greece
15 Days: Athens – Rome or vice versa

NEW Journey to Antiquities
8 Days: Rome – Athens or vice versa

Italian Sojourn
8 Days: Rome – Venice or vice versa

Iconic Western Mediterrean
8 Days: Barcelona – Rome or vice versa

Western Mediterranean Explorer
13 Days: Rome – Lisbon

Mid-Atlantic Crossing
12 Days: Lisbon – Miami

NEW Mediterranean Explorer & Crossing
24 Days: Rome – Miami

Iberian Explorer
8 Days: Barcelona – London

Atlantic Crossing
15 Days: Miami – Barcelona

NEW Atlantic & Mediterranean Odyssey
27 Days: Miami – Venice


Australia & New Zealand
15 Days: Sydney – Auckland or vice versa

Komodo & The Australian Coast
17 Days: Bali – Sydney or vice versa

Bangkok, Bali & Beyond
13 Days: Bangkok – Bali or vice versa

Southeast Asia & Hong Kong
15 Days: Bangkok – Hong Kong or vice versa

Far East Discovery
15 Days: Hong Kong – Beijing or vice versa

Far Eastern Horizons
15 Days: Hong Kong – Tokyo or vice versa

NEW Far East Explorations
29 Days: Beijing – Tokyo or vice versa

Southeast Asia
27 Days: Hong Kong – Bali or vice versa

NEW Southeast Asia Horizons
29 Days: Tokyo – Bangkok or vice versa


North Pacific Passage
23 Days: Tokyo – Vancouver or vice versa

NEW South America & the Chilean Fjords
18 Days: Buenos Aires – Santiago or vice versa

NEW Panama & Central America
15 Days: Miami – Miami 144

Alaska & the Inside Passage
11 Days: Vancouver – Seward or vice versa

Eastern Seaboard Explorer
13 Days: Montreal – New York or vice versa

New York, Bermuda & The West Indies
15 Days: New York – San Juan

From the Caribbean to the Amazon
22 Days: San Juan – San Juan

NEW Southern Atlantic Crossing
22 Days: Barcelona – Buenos Aires or vice versa

Cultural Cuba
8 Days: Miami – Miami

West Indies Explorer
11 Days: San Juan – San Juan

West Indies to Spain
14 Days: San Juan – Barcelona or vice versa


NEW Viking World Cruise
128 Days: Miami – London

NEW Viking World Cruise
245 Days: London – London

Far East & Alaska
37 Days: Hong Kong – Vancouver

South Pacific Sojourn
29 Days: Bangkok - Sydney

Grand Pacific Explorer
93 Days: Auckland – Vancouver

Australia, Asia & Alaska
29 Days: Bangkok - Sydney

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