About this service

It has never been easier to plan your next holiday! Using this service you can browse categories of travel brochures and then have them delivered to your door for FREE!

Do you offer printed brochures or can I download what I want?

Both. Many brochures can be mailed to your door. Others can be downloaded to your computer right away. Often, you can choose whether to download a copy or to have a printed copy mailed to you.

How do I order a brochure?

Browse through the selection of brochures. When you have made your choice, click on the GET THIS FREE button, complete the form and your brochure will be on its way. This is a FREE service.

How many brochures may I order?

The Free Travel Brochures New Zealand service has been designed to ensure you get the right brochure(s) to arrange your holiday and travel. We are confident the selection will give you the information you need but the PRINTED brochure service has been restricted to 10 brochures to avoid unnecessary wastage and postage.

You may DOWNLOAD as many brochures as you like. There is NO LIMIT on downloading brochures.

Why do I have to give my personal details ?

Good question. First of all, keep in mind that your privacy is safe with us. You will not receive anything you didn't ask for. And, unlike our competitors, you won't get a sales call.

We have to ask for your contact details so that, if you want a printed brochure, we can mail it to you. And, if you choose to download a brochure, we can email you your unique link to get the download. This link is emailed to you so always have access to your brochure. That way, if something goes wrong with the download, you can download again.

Can I book through the Free Travel Brochures New Zealand site?

No, you cannot book a holiday through Free Travel Brochures New Zealand. Most tour operators participating in Free Travel Brochures New Zealand sell their products primarily through travel agents, but some do take bookings directly. This is indicated in their brochures.

I live outside New Zealand. Can I order brochures?

Unfortunately not. All companies participating in Free Travel Brochures New Zealand offer products that originate or depart from New Zealand and are not appropriate for or available to residents of other countries. However, we do have a sister website in Australia that provides the same great services for residents of that country.