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Just the thought of a 21,000,000 square kilometre land filled with 20 diverse exotic countries, majestic natural scenery, and passionate welcoming people speaking the 'romance' languages is bound to evoke feelings of adventure and mystery. From spectacular Andean peaks and Colonial towns filled with cultural traditions as colourful as the people who embrace them, to alpacas, Amazonian rainforests and ancient Patagonian glaciers, South and Central America is a world unto its own where history merges with the vibrancy of modern day life.

Peruvian Musician

Travellers craving life-changing wildlife encounters, journeys where you can step back in time and cities that move to the beat of a different drum will find the experience of their dreams here. Incan, Mayan and Aztec ruins, beaches fringed by rainforests brimming with unique and astounding wildlife, and a culinary and nightlife scene to rival the buzzing hotspots of America and Europe ... this is south and Central America.

What makes Adventure World extraordinary?

After kayaking across an enormous expanse of clear, clean sea that reaches out in a blanket of tousled blue to meet snowcapped mountains– you'll understand why we create the journeys we do. In Patagonia, the air is so fresh and cool on your face that it snaps you out of everyday reality and thrusts you into a realm where the wilderness is everything and you're a part of it. This final frontier is bursting at the seams with untouched rugged landscapes. As you push and pull your paddle in and out of the sea, propelling your kayak forward, you'll feel that there's so much more yet to explore – your heart will be racing with the possibilities. And when dolphins leap out of the water to welcome you – flipping skyward – water spraying across your face, you'll wonder how they can leap that high. It's just you, the dolphins and the wilderness; in a part of South America that we know will change your life forever.

Adventure World will build your dream journey

For over 40 years, Adventure World has been crafting holidays for New Zealanders to spectacular and exciting lands. Adventure World is perfect for the traveller who likes to experience unique destinations in comfort and discerning style with an emphasis on exploring local cultures.

Experiences made for you

Adventure World understands that everyone is unique, and your travel experiences should be no different. How you discover the must-sees of a country, and explore and interpret the lesser-known hidden gems is entirely up to you. Adventure World is here to help you to create YOUR adventure of a lifetime.

Adventure World can tailor-make your trip, creating an itinerary perfectly suited to you. Adventure World's expert travel designers have all travelled extensively and so can help you to build your own journey and embrace your own travel style.

Browse through Adventure World's extensive range of recommended journeys in this brochure and choose from one of the scheduled trips or contact your travel agent to build one of the tailor-made itineraries with Adventure World's travel experts, find the elements that you love and mix and match them.

Upgrade your accommodation, change a tour or extend a trip. It's up to you. Create your own itinerary using our recommendations and Adventure World can help you build the perfect journey.

So think about where you want to go and where you want to stay, what sightseeing tours suit you, where you want to eat, and if you want to join up with other like-minded travellers. It's that easy. Let Adventure World help you to create an experience that will suit your price range and travel style. By doing so, you'll create memories for a lifetime.

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